jueves, 19 de junio de 2008



Space Ghost: (invisos in to set) Hello! And behold, for I am the Space Ghost. King of space and all that it contains.

Zorak: Question.

Space Ghost: No questions, please.

Zorak: Question.

Space Ghost: Please hold all questions until after the show.

Zorak: Statement?

Space Ghost: No statements, thank you.

Zorak: Comment?

Space Ghost: I have no comment at this time. Thank you all for coming.

(Lights start to flash on and off, Space Ghost invisos out. Rags is in the control room, he jumps onto the control console. Credits roll)

Zorak: (stares)

Space Ghost: (looks at Zorak)

Zorak: I am Zorak! Dark lord of inequity! Bow down before me!

Space Ghost: (looks at Zorak)

Zorak: (sighs, looks away)

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